Comeback from your Setback

Comeback from your Setback

Weight Watchers, is a huge part of my life, and thus will be a huge part of this blog. I have been truly struggling. If I am being honest with you, and myself, I have been facing a huge setback since early February, and before that was at a plateau since last September. I miss the days of the plateau, now that I have gained back so much. But never the less, this week’s meeting, about making a comeback, truly spoke to me about my struggles.

This week’s meeting theme was Bounce Back. I immediately grabbed the weekly and started flipping through it, because I knew this is exactly what I needed. I was feeling especially discouraged because I have been working out like crazy, with no results (because I have not been properly eating). To make matters worse, I had a kindergartner come up to me at work and ask me if I have a baby in my belly. This was the same reason that I originally joined Weight Watchers, so I was not happy about that (Learn more about my journey to Weight Watchers here). Never the less, I was majorly in need of some help bouncing back.

We talked about several great things at our meeting, and I am here to share some tidbits with all of you who may also be struggling too.

Utilizing Zero-point Foods

First, we talked about the zero-points food list, and how we use zero-point foods (check out the Complete List of Zero Points Foods here)This has particularly been difficult for me, as I am a vegetarian who does not like vegetables. So, the zero-point chicken, turkey, and fish, does nothing for me. I have been using beans and eggs, but not daily. As a vegetarian I frequently eat the fat-free refried beans, especially with tacos, or any Mexican food I make. I also have enjoyed zero-point corn and occasionally black beans and egg salad. However, those have been the only changes in my intake due to Freestyle. The big take away from this discussion, was to be brave and try more zero-point foods. It won’t cost anything, as far as Smart Points are concerned, so why not?

Do One Thing Different

Next, we talked about changing just one thing. Sometimes we make major changes that just won’t stick, because it is too much change at once. So, my leader challenge us to choose one thing to do differently this week. For me, I chose to track all meals every day. The past few weeks I have been inconsistently tracking, and I know that I eat way more than I should when I do not track.  So, this week I vowed to track every meal for the week. I may still not eat the right foods and go over my dailies. However, I will track and be accountable and aware of what I am eating. As one lifetime member in my meeting said: I only cheat myself if I do not track. So, starting today I tack again and I stop cheating myself.

A setback or a set-up?

Overall, we talked about how a setback can actually be a set-up for a comeback. Now that I have gained back 18 pounds from my lowest point, I am using today as a point to not get any larger and start truly taking this seriously again. My exercise has been there and now my eating will be back on track. I am set-up to crush these 18 pounds that I have gained back and destroy the 11 pounds after that I need to reach goal.

Set-up Your Comeback

My meeting was on Thursday, when I planned all of the above, and I have been great with it so far. I have been making my self accountable and have been tracking, although I have not had any blue dot days yet. Tracking is the most important thing this week and I have been doing it. I have even planned some low-point meals, with increased zero-point foods for this week! Woo-hoo!

I would love to hear about how you use zero-points to your advantage and the one thing that you plan to do differently this week. Comment below to keep the conversation going!



2 thoughts on “Comeback from your Setback

  1. There will always be Set Backs. So, having a plan in place is key to bouncing back. Congratulations on your plan to track every day! Tracking our foods each day is really the key to success. I use fruits for snacks and continue to track them even though they are zero points. (Too much of a good thing can be a slippery slope!) This week and in the weeks to come, I will also be keeping track of how much water I drink each day. Staying fully hydrated is my next healthy habit!

    Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging, Bex! You have so much to share!💗

    1. Thanks Dawn! Staying hydrated is so important, especially if you are getting a lot of movement in too. Having a large reusable water bottle helps me so much. My water bottle is always next to me, when I am at home or out and about. It is also a great thing to track in a Bullet Journal!

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