8 Pieces of Advice for the 18-year-old Me

8 Pieces of Advice for the 18-year-old Me

Last Monday my mother told me it was 7 years since I had received my acceptance letter to Cornell University. Had you asked me seven years ago, I would have told you that was one of the best days of my life. But now, it is just a distant memory, even my college days seem so far away. Now, seven years from that day and a little over four years from graduating from Cornell, with a degree I do not use, I started reflecting on my 18-year-old self. Boy, was I crazy, but not the typical 18-year-old wild and crazy type…I realized I wish I could go back in time seven years and give my 18-year-old self some advice and knowledge I have gained over the past seven years.

1. Listen to me, and those around you

I am the future you, so yes, I know you think you know what is best, but you need to listen to what others are saying. Your loved ones can provide you with wisdom and advice which is beyond what you have experienced thus far. Listen to what you are told and remind yourself of how it may apply to your life know or in the future.

2. Take risks, it won’t be the end of the world

Do not fear the unknown, do not fear discomfort. Take chances and risks, as that is the only way to truly grow. Stop focusing on the negative, because greatness can come from taking a risk. You do not know, if you do not try. Explore the world, even if you do not have it all mapped out. Go with the flow, and you may end up downstream somewhere beautiful.

3. You can always change your mind

You do not have all the answers, nor should you. At 25, you still don’t have all the answers, and you are as happy as you have ever been. Just remember, if you make a mistake or change your mind, it is okay, just fix it and keep moving in the right direction. Changing your mind shows that you are open to growth and are remaining aware of why you are doing what you are doing.

4. Do what is best for you

Although you do not have all the answers, and you should listen to the advice of those who care for you and listen to your heart. Deep down, you know what is best for you, and follow that path. Follow what you feel strongly about, what you love, what drives you. Listen to the advice you give other people, as we too must follow the good advice we give others.

5. People will judge you, and that is okay

Do not worry about what someone else will think. You are a wonderful person, if someone negatively judges you, you should not care about what they think anyways. The people who truly mater are your loved ones, the ones who will love and support you through everything. and not judge you negatively.

6. Enjoy life

Life is short, enjoy it while you can. Work hard, but do not make work your life, there is more to life than work. Find a hobby, follow a passion, cherish time with your family and friends, most of all, do what drives you to be the best version of you.

7. Stay connected

I do not mean with technology, I mean with people. Relationships take effort, so put in the effort to build, maintain, and strengthen important relationships. Do not let good relationships fall by the wayside because “time got in the way”. Relationships are what make us who we are, so put forth the effort to have the relationships you deserve. Make in person and meaningful connections as much as possible.

8. Know what you have, while you still have it

Embrace and nurture the great things you are provided with. Take advantage of opportunities you are presented with. Do not be lazy, because that gets you nowhere. Cherish every day, because every day is a gift worth cherishing.

What words of advice would you give to a younger version of yourself? Comment below! If you enjoyed reading my advice, checkout more about me and my story (Here).

2 thoughts on “8 Pieces of Advice for the 18-year-old Me

  1. Such words of wisdom, Bex! In seven short years, you have made so many important discoveries. It’s lovely that you have written these pieces of advice to yourself. Words are so powerful and you will be able to revisit them any time you need a reminder or a bit of inspiration!
    I think I would remind my younger self that Gratitude changes everything! I count my blessings out loud every day and write them in my journal each night. Love your new blog, Bex, and the chance to get to know you better! 💗

    1. Dawn, thanks so much for sharing!!:) Writing these certainly helped me to remind myself of following this advice right now too. I love your piece of advice to yourself. Sometimes we can get caught up in everything that is going on. Especially in rough times, gratitude can make a world of difference. Thanks for all of your wisdom each week and sharing yourself as well.

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