Bullet Binder: Where Organization Meets Creativity Meets Flexibility

Bullet Binder: Where Organization Meets Creativity Meets Flexibility

In my search for finding planner/journal peace I am starting a bullet binder for the month of October and I am so excited to share it with everyone. Now, I am not really sure if this is a thing already (I only saw a little bit of similar things on Pinterest), but I absolutely love the idea and am so excited to start October to try it out.

How I Arrived at a Bullet Binder

All my life I have loved (but also struggled with) planners. I have a deep passion for organization and crossing things off a list. However, I have struggled with having a planner that completely suits my needs.

The Bullet Journal

So, on January 1, 2018 I began my first bullet journal in a lined journal one of my students gave me for Christmas. This was great! I loved having one journal and making each day/week/month suit my needs. However, I finished up my first journal in 6 months and all of my collections were in that journal. I had to remake these same collections to put in a new journal, which took a lot of unnecessary time and effort.

The Traveler’s Notebook

Then, I switched over to a traveler’s notebook with a long-term collections insert along with an insert for my monthly/daily planning. This worked, but the biggest drawback was that I am creative but not very artistic. I tried to be artistic and add some flair, but it just was not the caliber that I wanted. I knew I could create a better journal if I created the template on the computer first and printed it. So I did that for September, but it still wasn’t quite right. I was now faced with the same problem as before: too much rigidity and not enough flexibility.

The Planner Binder

Then, I watched this video from MILK AND HONEY LIFE about how she plans using a binder. I just so happened to have recently bought an adorable binder, with no real plan for it. Now I had a plan for it: to use it as a planner binder. The only problem was, I still needed a way to break the daily rigidity. I made some rigid monthly spreads, where I would have flexibility month to month. I also recreated those long-term collections I was talking about earlier, which were already pretty set in stone. When it came to the dailies I wasn’t sure what to do, since each day is different and requires a different layout.

The Bullet Binder

That’s when I combined┬áthis planner binder idea with the concept and idea of a bullet journal. I made each day into a dot gird, so I could still plan and journal in the bullet journal method each day! It all came together and just made so much sense!

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