Total Life Reset: Turning 2020 around and Designing a Life I love


Hello lovelies! Before I get into what this post is really about, I’d like to take a moment to to welcome you all to this blog, weather you have been here before or this is your first time. You see, I started this blog way back in 2018 and I posted a few times and then life happened and then I lost motivation or drive or for whatever reason I stopped posting and never got back into it. Historically speaking, I am not so good at follow through and sticking to things. However, this blog is something that I care deeply about and I want to put forth my full effort towards. So I am back in the blog and I have a plan to…well….reset my life, or basically do a full over haul of my life.

The Year of 2020

In light of current circumstances in the world right now, such as the global pandemic, I have heard many words to describe the year of 2020, such as unprecedented,  wild, crazy, and uncertain. I have also seen people basically asking for a re-do of 2020. I however, think the best word to describe 2020 so far is “life”. For my whole adult life, which may not be too extensive, but is still over 10 years, I have felt uncertain of myself and my actions. I have constantly felt overwhelmed, unsure, and like I need a re-do. Specifically over the past year I have felt a need to just take time to refocus myself. When the COVID-19 Pandemic began to get more serious here in the United States in late March, I strangely found my wishes granted: time to reset my life.

A Little Background Information

You see, in 2016 I had a quarter life crisis. Most of my life I had a plan and a process all mapped out for me, as I am sure most people do. After elementary school, is middle school, then high school, and for me then college. Now, I “knew” where I wanted to go to college and what I wanted to study, so that was all so easy for me. So naturally, I graduated and started a job in what I was so sure I wanted to do. Well, it turns out I was wrong. I actually didn’t know what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I discovered this as I drove to work early on a Sunday after not seeing much of my boyfriend (who lived with me) the past week. I had an epiphany “Why am I working my butt off for a company that could care less about me, all to have a life with my boyfriend, who I don’t even see because I am working?” Naturally, this lead me to question what I am doing with my life. Now, four years later, I still haven’t found the answer and have just sort of been floating around.

The past year I have basically just coasted along through life and not really focused on myself, my needs, desires, goals or really anything. I have simply just existed. This state of merely existing and not really living or being driven to do anything has certainly come with an emotional toll and is not how I want to live any more. So, today, I declare that I will begin living a life I love, with focus, purpose, happiness, passion, love, and all good things.

Designing A Life I love

So when I wake up tomorrow morning I will have pushed the reset button. To begin living this spectacular life that I desire, I must design this life that I will love.  Over the past few weeks I have been thinking of the life that I want to live and I need to have more focus and a clearer direction, so I have come up with a few projects that I must do to help guide my new life, and I plan to share my progress in this reset and the related projects with all of you. Below are some of these projects I plan to do to design a life I love, but first let me discuss how they are categorized. 

Color Coding My Life

When first planning this reset of my life, I began by listing different things that I would like to change or work on. From there I was easily able to categorize major facets of my life that are important to me right now.

If you are interested in doing a reset of your life as well, I would advise you not to just use the same categories as myself, or some other list you have found. I have tried that with the 8 categories (Health, Friends, Finances, Spiritual/Personal Growth, Souse/Significant Other, Family, Work, and Recreation) found in my Powersheets Intentional Goal Planner as well as the 10 categories (Family & Friends, Personal Growth & Development, Spirituality, Finances, Career/Business, Significant Other/Romance, Fun & Recreation, Contribution/Giving, Health/Fitness, and Physical Environment (Home/Office)) associated with the Level 10 Life mentioned in The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod but I have found having facets of life given to you by someone who does not know you, simply doesn’t work because they do not know you or your desires.

After doing the above exercise to see the areas that really mattered to me, I ended up with 7 facets, or categories, of my life. I then assigned each of the 7 facets a color of the rainbow (which is why I call this The Rainbow of Me). I also ended up having a catch all/other/extra category for anything that overlaps or doesn’t quite fit (I gave this category the color pink, because I LOVE PINK!). Once I had the categories, I paired post-it notes, pens, and markers for each color, so that I can categorize everything accordingly, as can be seen below.


  • Organize all of my greeting Cards- in 2019 I was great about sending out Birthday cards to all of my family members, but I have failed to do so in 2020, so I want to have a system in place to organize and keep my greeting cards. I would also like to have a way to better remember to send out these card (I plan to keep the reminders in my 43 folders, which you can see a bit more of below).
  • Make a “re-connect” list – I have found that there are people who were once in my life, that I just have simply lost connection with, even if they were once really close to me or mattered a great deal to me, so I would like to make a list of people to re-connect with so that those relationships that I once held near and dear may again be near and dear to me.

Personal Growth

  • Set up a Goal Planner- I have the Powersheets Intentional Goal Planner by Cultivate What Matters and I think it is great for uncovering one’s goals. I would just like to have a system that can build on this a bit more, so that I can really act on and make the goals come to life.
  • Solidify a Morning/Evening Routine that Works for me- I have tired The Miracle Morning, but for some reason, it couldn’t make it work for me. I think I was making it too rigid, which just wasn’t working. So I am going to try a more flexible approach to a Morning and Evening Routine, but would like to have the same components, just more fluid.

Physical Space

  • Create a cleaning/house work system that works- In all honesty, I hate cleaning, and unfortunately am pretty okay with living in a cluttered home. However, I have gotten to the point where I know that a clean and organized home would be better for me all around, so cleaning a little every day is a good idea, and something I strive to adapt. I have tried a few systems and failed, so, I would like to develop a system that suits my needs and then adapt and change it as needed.


  • Improve my financial planner system- I use the Budget By Paycheck Workbook, by The Budget Mom, but I would like to add this along with other financial trackers and materials that will support my financial goals into a disk-bound system.


  • Set up a planner for “work” tasks- Although this blog is not a job, I would love for it to become a revenue stream, thus,  would like to put together a “work” planner for me to consistently post to the blog, Instagram, and Pinterest, and possibly venture into a YouTube channel.
  • Set up a Writing Planner/Notebook- I am not the best writer, but I do aspire to write a novel, and so I would like to put together a notebook/planner to keep my notes, ideas, and plans all in one place.


  • Make a list of new hobbies/interests to explore- If someone were to ask me what I do for fun, I don’t really have an answer for this question. I would probably say “I like to play in my planners”, but I do not even do that all that much right now either. I would really like to try some new things, and explore some potential interests and passions to potentially adopt a new hobby, so I would like to put together a list of potential avenues to explore and then begin exploring those avenues.


  • Set up my wellness planner- I have a new planner being delivered at the end of the week, which will be my new wellness planner. I need to set this up and have a plan to take care of my physical self, as this has totally fallen to the wayside over the past year or so.

Catch All

  • Set up 43 folders system– this will be a comprehensive system for organizing all of my to-do’s that must get done each day and month throughout the year in a disk-bound system.
  • Create a Vision Board- I have been planning to create a vision board since before the beginning of the year, and it just never happened. I have created a Pinterest Board for my Vision Boards, but I would like to add to these and create physical vision boards.

As I mentioned, I plan to share my progress in my reset (and the aforementioned projects) with all of you, so be sure to come back and check in on my progress as I reset my life.

Have a Lovely day!

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