Planner Line-up: July-December 2020

In my last post I explained that starting July 1, 2020 that I was starting a Total Life Reset. Since I am a total planner girl, I have assembled a few (okay 14 ish) planners to help me stay focused and achieve my goals during this life reset. Today, I’d like to share with all of you the planners that I have been using as of July first and plan to use the rest of the year, or at least the rest of the month.

My Franken Planner

This planner is my biggest and is one I use on a daily basis; it has a combination of eight different happy planners all combined on the Happy Planner‘s disk-bound system. I have one month from each of the below planners added to my Franken Planner.

Happy Hostess: Catch-all Planner

My catch-all planner pulls together all of the information in the other planners in one location. For my catch-all planner I am using the Happy Hostess planner. In my previous catch-all planner, I had to add a check box list each day, now I do not have to because the Happy Hostess has a daily checklist included in the weekly layout. I love having this included in the spread already each day, since I don’t have to add it. I also like to include the weather on the top row of the planner and stickers on the bottom.

Stargazer: Goal Planner

I love the aesthetic of the Stargazer collection and think that the aesthetic paired with the monthly layout is perfectly geared for a goal planner. I have been trying to find a way to make this vision come together for me off and on since January; unfortunately, I have not yet figured out exactly how I would like this planner to function, so for now it is still a work in progress. For July I have put important birthdays on the monthly spread, since we have 12 birthdays Austin’s family and mine. Then I have been putting action steps on the daily lists, but the set-up does not seem to be working just yet. I will continue to play with it and hopefully will have something figured out before the end of the year.

Let’s Get Lost: Morning Pages

When it comes to planning, personally, I am not a horizontal girl. However, I think that the horizontal layout is perfect as a journal. I bought the Let’s Get Lost planner simply because I loved the monthly dividers and decided to use it as a journal. Initially I found some daily writing prompts that I was journaling to; after a while I thought that free journaling would work better for me. Thus, now I use this planner to record my morning pages. Traditionally speaking morning pages is 3 full pages of stream of consciousness writing, however, this works for me now.

The Social Type: Cleaning Planner

This is another planner that I am still working on fine tuning to fully meet my needs. I am still working on finding a cleaning schedule/plan/process that works for me and my home. Once I am able to find a cleaning schedule/plan/process that works for me, then can make the planner fit those needs. For now, I have been looking at following Clean Mama, so I have some pages from Clean Mama’s Cleaning Class in this section, followed by the month from The Social Type planner that came in The Social Type Be Happy Box. I have to take time to focus and figure out my approach to cleaning, as well as the planner to go along with it. As I figure this out, I will keep you all updated.

Dainty Details: Financial Planner

This is my ideal financial planner, which is a combination of three different resources. To put this together, I have combined the monthly layout with printed parts of the Budget by Paycheck Workbook from The Budget Mom, various printouts from Debt Free Charts, and Happy Planner budget accessories such as some from the Budget Planner Companion. I will post shortly discussing the full details of this planner.

Wonder Seeker: Work Planner

When I was working full time (before I was put on furlough due to COVID-19), I used my Wonder Seeker planner to keep track of all of my daily tasks at work. I was able to put anything super important in the shaded in top rectangle, and then list remaining tasks on the lines provided, to make a long list of tasks. Now that I am on furlough I am using my work planner to help plan tasks for this blog and related items, as I would like to turn this blog into my career.

Happy Illustrations: Social Media Planner

Honestly speaking, I really only bought the Happy Illustrations planner because I love the cover. Fortunately, I found a purpose for the rest of the planner; currently I use this planner in tandem with my Work Planner. I have begun planning out posts to post to Instagram, so I can have a stronger presence on there, to hopefully direct more people to this blog. I got the idea from Heather Kell‘s video where she made a dashboard to help her plan out her posts, although I am doing it a bit differently, she inspired the use of this planner in a similar way to the social dashboard she was creating.

Ink Splash: Fitness Planner

I love the color block layout for meal planning, and the Ink Splash planner is such a great mix of colors. It may seem like a lot of space for a small amount of information, but i think it is great that it has 6 separated sections each week day. I use the first five sections for my meals: breakfast, am snack, lunch, pm snack, and dinner.  In the last section, I put my fitness stats like water intake, sleep, steps, floors, miles, calories burned, and active minutes. I also hope to find a better way to use this planner to its full potential to help me reach my fitness goals.

My Evening Routine Planners/Journals

In addition to my Franken Planner, I also have three journals that I plan to use every night for the rest of the year. These help me to go to close out the day and end with clarity before falling asleep. Each has a separate purpose but each is equally important for me to write in daily. In order to help make this a habit, I keep these journals on my night stand with a black pen.

Five Little Lines: Five Year Journal

I saw some others in the community with a five year journal, and I think the concept is awesome, so I did some research and picked up my Five Little Lines 5 Year Journal. For some of the year I have forgotten to document a recap of the day, because I did make it a habit. Now, I am getting back into the habit of writing a recap of the day in this journal each night.

Book Bound Pastel Dreams: Sick Journal

Honestly, I have not found a good and fitting name for this journal. Long story short, for the past year and half I have had bad stomach issues where I throw up on average once a month. In 2019, I figured out it was gallbladder issues, so I got it removed, because I ended up throwing up after I ingested anything, even water. I still throw up roughly once a month, even after having my gallbladder removed. So, in my Book Bound Pastel Dreams planner I document any stomach issues I am having along with any head ache I may have or really anything that I think may have caused the pain or may coincide with it. On a positive note, I did not throw up in February or June of this year!

Book Bound Year to Shine: Gratitude Journal

In general, I feel that I am a pretty grateful and appreciative person; however, practicing gratitude is such a powerful exercise that I want to be sure to keep it going. I am not certain if is should use my Book Bound Year to Shine planner first thing in the morning or last thing at night to practice my gratitude. I can see positives to using it at either times, but for now I am using this at night. Each night I reflect on the day and write three things (one for each box) that I am grateful for, typically based on the day’s events.

Other Additional Planners

Lastly, I have three other Planners (systems) that I am using daily to keep myself on top of everything.

Disk-Bound 43 Folders Filing System

When I began thinking about my Total Life Reset and doing some research I learned about the 43 folder tickler file system. I liked the concept of having all of these files and tasks together, but I did not like the idea of putting this all in a file cabinet. I did a little more research and found that people were doing this system in a binder, which appealed to me even more. So, naturally, I have set up my 43 folder system in a disk-bound system with Happy planner supplies and a little DIY attitude. I use mini post it notes for each task stuck to the corresponding day. The system works well, but I am not sure that I am using it to its fullest capabilities, so I may adapt/add to it before showing you a closer look.

Disk-Bound Daily Plum Paper Planner

I have been thinking about getting a daily planner for a few months now. I’m still not certain that it is necessary that I have a daily planner, but I am sure happy that I purchased the Daily Plum Paper Planner. Plum Paper offers so many customization options, that I was able to create a planner that fits my specific needs. One of the options is to have the planner unbound, which I did. I then punched the pages with my Happy Planner hole punch and I put on a Happy Planner cover and disks to make this planner just as flexible as my other ones. Additionally, Plum Paper has several additional add on options. I chose five add on sections as well as three dispersed add ons (additional page every month).

Cultivate What Matters Powersheets: Goal Planner

In 2019 I used the 6 month Goal Planner, but for 2020 I picked up a pink 2020 Powersheets Intentional Goal Planner. Earlier in the year I was not great at following through and completing the goals or tending list each week. As part of my Total Life Reset, I am focusing more on what matters, and my goals and Powersheets matter, so I have filled out the goal-setting for July and have been good about checking in to my tending list each night as well.


For many people, this may sound like way to many planners and that this could not be functional. However, each planner has a specific purpose geared at improving my life. Additionally, I have found a good system that works for most of these planners to accomplish their purpose. That being said, I am still working on fine tuning a few of them to make them work correctly. I just need some focused time to find the system that works. For each of the above planners, I will create an in depth post explaining the functionalities and all the details of how I use the planner.

Thank you for checking out my July – December 2020 Planner Line-up.

Have a lovely day!

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