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[Sticky] Bingo Sheet

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Hey Lovelies!

I created a bingo sheet as a fun way to track my reading progress in 2021 and to mix up what I am reading. Check out the attachment and follow along with me this year or read your own books that fit the categories! The goal is to "cover all" the bingo sheet by reading 26 books in 2021 (one of the squares requires you to read two books). I plan to accomplishing the cover all by reading 2 books a month as well as 2 books I will be reading over the span of the year (my 2021 Year Long picks). One book each month will be a "fun" read, which will typically be a fiction book, or a novel of some type. I read this as part of my evening routine. The other book each month will be a self betterment book, (could be referred to as self-help type book), which I read as part of my morning routine. 


You are welcome to read any books you would like, I have designed the bingo card to be flexible, so you can explore new types of books or stick to the genres you currently enjoy, whatever genre that may be.

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Bingo mate! thanks for sharing your progress and books, actually I'm a bit busy with my online exams and thesis stuff, but I'll definitely read some books from your sheet.