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[Sticky] Better Plan Books book Club Rules and Guidelines

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Since I have created this book club as a forum, in order for us to engage in discussions, I feel it is necessary to lay out some rules that must be followed when posting and interacting in this forum. Please remember the purpose of this website is to help one another be better and improve oneself.
1. Be nice! This is a pretty basic rule, but covers a lot, so several of the following rules will be expanding upon this rule and how to be nice. But simply put, jut be kind and considerate to all members of this book club. If I see anything that is not being nice, I will remove the post.
2. No threats or harassment. No threatening or harassing posts of any kind will be acceptable. Disagreements are of course likely to arise, but should be handled politely and without any harassments or threats.
3. No discriminatory remarks of any kind. On this website, we accept EVERYONE, thus, no discrimination is allowed for any reason what so ever.
4. No hoaxes or "Trolling". Do not intentionally mislead members of this book club or post with the intention of aggravating or frustrating member of this book club.
5. No Spoilers. I have separated this forum into sections, to help avoid any spoilers. In order for everyone to have an enjoyable experience, please do not spoil something that happens at the end or middle part of the book by posting about that in a thread about an earlier part of the book. If you feel what you are going to write may be a spoiler, err on the side of caution and not that at the beginning or in the title of your post.
6. Help me keep this forum safe. You can keep this forum safe by following the above rules and guidelines and by reporting a post if you feel it does not follow the rules.
I will do my best to monitor all posts to ensure that we have a safe, uplifting, and enjoyable forum to discuss what we are reading. Thank you for your help in making this lovely part of the internet.