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Run Like a Girl 365 Days a Year: 2021 Year Long Pick #2

This is a book, were you read a little every day (but you don't have to. There is a section for each day of the year with encouragement or notes to get your body moving. I will be reading this book each day this year, and hope to run like a girl each day (at least one mile a day). This book can accomplish the "In 2021 Read...Books" Bingo squares for a book with more than four colors on the cover, a book written by an author you have not read before (if that is the case for you, as it is for me), A book that you have been wanting to read but haven't yet (if that is the case for you, as it is for me), a book about habits, a book with trees on the cover, or anything else that may be the case for you, such as a book with your favorite color on the cover.

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